‘We are getting on!’ Boris Johnson in fiery PMQs slap down of Rayner over ‘scare stories’

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The Labour deputy leader accused the Prime Minister of prioritising grouse shooting in the Government’s latest COVID meeting over increasing coronavirus testing capacities in the UK. But Boris Johnson, who pointed out the UK is ahead of any other European country on testing capacities, was prompt to shut down the Labour MP’s claim with a fiery response. 

He said: “While the Labour opposition has been consistently carping from the sidelines throughout this crisis and raising issues that are tangential, if not scare stories about what is going on, we are getting on with delivering for the British public.

“We’re not only ramping up, and Mr Speaker as she hasn’t contested any of my statistics today about the extent to which this country is now testing more than any other European country; she hasn’t disputed the massive acceleration in our programme, we are getting on with delivering on the priorities of the British people.

“Getting us through this COVID crisis, delivering on making our country safer, delivering measures on the early release of dangerous violent sexual offenders which I hope she will support, strengthening our union which in principle the frontbench opposite should support.

“Building more affordable homes in this country which she should support.

“Recruiting more doctors, more nurses and building more hospitals.

“Mr Speaker, I don’t think anybody is in any doubt that this Government is facing the most difficult dilemmas that any modern government has ever had to face.

“But every day we are helping to solve them thanks to the massive commons sense of the British people.

“We are getting on delivering our programme, getting on with delivering our fight against coronavirus.

“And it’s with the common sense of the British people that we will succeed.”

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