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Pet cam records heartbreaking ‘evidence’ showing cats love their owners

Heartbreaking footage recorded on a pet cam shows a cat joyfully reunite with his owner when she comes back home.

In the clip uploaded on TikTok by animal lover @glennthebabycat, a dark grey cat bolts out of the corner of the room when he sees his owner's car pull into the drive.

Knowing his owner, Alexa, is close by, the cat runs to the door and starts to meow loudly.

He meows louder and louder until the door is opened and he can throw himself at his owner, who is obviously touched her cat is so happy to see her.

Trying to soothe the lovelorn cat, who is called Glenn, she says: "Hi! Hello!"

Captioning the video with a crying emoji, Alexa later wrote: "I thought a #catcam would help me feel better about leaving Glenn at home."

In the on-screen caption, she said it was "evidence" showing "cats miss their people".

Viewers of the video on TikTok shared the sentiment and said it was a touching moment.

"This is so adorable," wrote one smitten fan.

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A second person commented: "They know you're home even before you hit the door, sweet baby."

Other cat lovers simply posted numerous heart emojis under the video.

Alexa, a speech therapist and digital artist based in the US, said the affectionate cat literally walked into her life from the streets when he turned up at her work as a kitten.

Nobody claimed him and even though he was a stray, he quickly found a home with her and they developed a very close bond.

"Glenn the cat is a huge part of my personal and professional life," she wrote on Instagram with a cute photo of him posing on an armchair.

This comes after a cat owner set up a secret pet camera to discover why her socks were disappearing from a solid wood drawer – with the culprit displaying unusual strength and intelligence.

Another cat owner "nearly had a heart attack" after re-watching pet camera footage from the kitchen.

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