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Adorable moment Labrador lifts duvet over owner after she falls asleep

A caring dog has touched the hearts of millions after footage has emerged of it tucking its owner into bed.

Video shared on TikTok with more than 2.6 million likes shows the cream-coloured Labrador sleeping with its owner on the bed.

It leans its head over to the young woman, who appears to be sleeping soundly.

While she stretches her arm and pushes the duvet away, the smart pet wakes up and drags it across to cover her chest.

The Labrador is seen gently pulling up the blanket to make sure the owner does not to catch a cold.

It then lies back with its head touching her face.

User "kkkkkkiwi wrote: "You are my best friend. I will always take care of you no matter what."

Viewers were left in joyful tears with some saying that it was "the purest thing" they had ever seen.

One wrote: "That's enough to make a grown man cry. What did we do to deserve them?"

Another said: "I'm crying really, crying. How freaking precious."

"This just melted my heart, it's the purest thing I've ever seen," a third added.

Meanwhile, a golden retriever has become an internet sensation from the way he greets his owner.

Riley the pooch likes to jump into owner Nick Kime's arms every time he sees him coming back home.

A lovely Yorkshire Terrier has also won viewers' hearts with her special morning routine.

The tiny four-legged friend likes to stroll to the kitchen for a cup of "coffee" and hops into the bathroom for a shower before starting the day.

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