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Two dogs die in horrific 200ft fall from cliff as devastated family pay tribute

Three beloved dogs plunged off a cliff during a weekend walk in Cornwall, killing two of them and leaving their owners distraught.

Brandan Pellow was taking Honey, Ava and Sasha to Gwithian Beach on Saturday when tragedy struck.

The 21-year-old, who was walking them with his partner, says he's racked with guilt and keeps replaying what happened in his head as the dogs plunged 200ft onto the beach below.

"It was the worst day of my life so far," Brandan told Cornwall Live.

"This weekend has been absolutely heart wrenching and I don't know how we are all going to find a coping mechanism to re-nourish our empty hearts.

"That feeling and the tears do not stop. The grieving doesn't stop and the images of their innocent and beautiful faces won't leave my mind."

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Brandan, who lives with his mother in Four Lanes, was taking the dogs out for their daily adventure when he parked up at Gwithian Beach, near Hayle. He went to get a ticket with his partner, but the dogs jumped out of the car and ran ahead.

"Our beautiful girls got over excited and found their way to the highest cliff at Gwithian Beach. They didn't see the edge because they were so fast and they just fell to the very bottom.

"Before I could attach their leads they had bolted out of my Land Rover past me and my partner. I went to chase them down and screamed their names but couldn't keep up with the pace they were going.

"I looked over the cliff edge and prayed that they weren't at the bottom, but they were."

Brandan then ran down to the beach to aid the three dogs but sadly Honey had died instantly and Ava was in a critical condition. He tried everything he could to save Ava and managed to resuscitate her before rushing all three to the vets, but unfortunately due to internal bleeding she later passed away.

The eldest dog Sasha, who is Honey and Ava's mum, broke her legs but survived.

"We are all so distressed. My heart aches and my belly doesn't stop churning. Every time I go to sleep all I think about is them falling off the cliff.

"I can't even explain how I feel. It's like when you are in a nightmare and you feel like you are falling from a high height and that's just exactly how I feel and what I think about it when I imagine them there.

"The fact that little Sasha is still alive is a miracle and I just want to do absolutely everything I can to help her recover and give her the best life possible after losing her puppies."

The family has set up a GoFundMe to raise money for Sasha's vet bills, which will cost them a further £3,000 for surgery and aftercare. At the moment she can't stand up, and Brandan says she cries out as she is missing her puppies.

"Sasha does need to see a professional orthopedic surgeon to fuse her leg to her shoulder joint so she can walk again and we can give her the best outcome in life possible," he said.

"The family is lost and I'm lost without them [the dogs]. They were the best friends we could have asked for and the best family members ever.

"I don't think any of our hearts will recover fully as it happened so fast that my brain can't comprehend any of the situation and I still I feel like I failed them.

"I miss them so much, I've never had friends as amazing as these doggies. I miss the smell of them, the feel, the look in their eyes and the pure innocence and unconditional love they shared with us.

"They helped me and my family through hard times in more ways than they will ever know possible. I wish I could turn back time and I wish I could have done things different but it was out of my control and it happened so fast."

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