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BBC Weather: ‘Severe’ downpours to smash Europe with 100mm rain sparking flash flooding

BBC Weather meteorologist Chris Fawkes warned that Europe could expect to see a “severe” amount of rain this week. He noted that in Majorca over the last 24 hours, as much as 96mm of rain had been recorded as well as some localised flooding. This is all down to an area of low pressure.

Mr Fawkes told viewers: “So again there is the scope of seeing some thunderstorms across the Balearic islands as we go through Tuesday.

“Some of them could become quite severe with 50mm, maybe even 100mm of rain in the space of a few hours.

“So there is the threat of some localised flash flooding from the heaviest of those downpours.

“Over the next couple of days, those storms will still be around about.”

He continued: “But they tend to drift a little bit more towards the mainland of Spain and southern parts of France.

“So there’ll be a greater risk of seeing some storms breaking out here by the time we get to Wednesday.

“Some very hot weather across the southeast of Europe through Turkey and Cyrpus as well.

“Temperatures there into the high 30s, perhaps the low 40s in the very hottest areas.”

The weather presenter added: “There’ll be sunny skies for Italy with none of those showers and thunderstorms developing.

“But across central and western Spain, and Portugal too, it’s dry, settled and sunny.

“A strap of cloud that is a weather front is bringing outbreaks of rain across parts of Denmark.”

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Mr Fawkes said: “It will go on towards Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia where it’s also going to be quite windy.

“Gusts of wind could reach around 60km an hour for a time mid-week.

“Over the next few days, it’s set to get a little bit cooler and fresher in London.

“But it will still be pleasant where the sunshine pops out.

“In Moscow, things are cooling off with temperatures at just 14C with cloud and rain by Friday.”

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