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North Korean defector lifts lid on brutal slums and ‘dead bodies on street’

A brave North Korean defector has spoken out on life inside the Hermit Kingdom – where she witnessed "dead bodies in the street".

Yeonmi Park, 26, fled the communist country for the UK to escape its "oppression and complete darkness".

She said she saw corpses on the streets, and insists it is unlike any other poverty on Earth.

Yeonmi also pointed the finger at bombastic leader Kim Jong-un for splashing the cash on nuclear weapons instead of addressing the nation's problems.

She told New York Post: “In those countries, you have some kind of understanding that they are abnormal, they are isolated and the people are not safe.

“But North Korea has been so completely purged from the rest of the world, it’s literally a Hermit Kingdom.

“When I was growing up there, I didn’t know that I was isolated, I didn’t know that I was praying to a dictator.”

She added: “I never thought that was something unusual.

“I have visited slums in Mumbai, I have visited slums in other countries, but nothing is like North Korea because North Korean starvation, it’s a systematic starvation by a country that chose to starve us.

“If they would spend just 20 percent of what they spent on making nuclear weapons, nobody would have to die in North Korea from hunger but the regime chose to make us hungry.

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“If I hadn’t been born in that oppression and complete darkness, I don’t think I would see the light here.

“We can agree that Kim Yo Jong is not taking over North Korea and I don’t think that is in her interest.

“Kim Jong Un is very much in power and he’s not dying anytime soon.”

North Korea is among the most secretive countries on Earth, with its reputation battered by its aggressive nuclear ambitions.

Rumours have run wild that Kim is either dead or suffering from seriously poor health, with reports suggesting he may hand power to his sister.

But with information mostly coming from North Korea itself, it is extremely difficult for Western media outlets to verify.

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