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Bloke goes viral for hilarious VisitScotland spoof video at soggy beauty spot

A Scots traveller has gone viral after filming a hilarious spoof VisitScotland video during torrential rain and howling wind at a Highland beauty spot.

Stuart Kenny decided to travel up north with friends in a bid to get a relaxing break without risking any quarantine period, Daily Record reports.

The 27-year-old stopped at the iconic Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye when the heavens suddenly opened and he was drenched by the downpour.

In the video, Stuart, who is being battered by strong gusts of wind, jokes: "I don’t understand why people are going abroad and risking having to quarantine when you can just go on holiday to Scotland.

"It’s really nice."

After uploading the clip on Twitter, the travel writer soon went viral as thousands of social media users were left in stitches.

VisitScotland even responded to his hilarious stunt and wrote: "Don’t worry, today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky! Happy travels."

Stuart, from Edinburgh, has been blown away by the reaction and told how some cheeky Scots had joked that it was just your typical ‘taps aff weather’.

He said: "It’s made the Twitter app a bit unusual but it’s been a good laugh for sure with lots of nice comments coming in.

"Obviously there’s not much going abroad at the minute. We’re based in Edinburgh and decided to go for a little trip up north to the Scottish Highlands.

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"We were camping for a couple of nights in the Cairngorms and we’d actually been very lucky with the weather. Beautiful skies and nice, sunny views.

"We went up the Isle of Skye, which is where that video was filmed, and again, we were just there for a couple of nights.

"It was actually just on our way out of the island that it started raining and started getting pretty windy.

"We were going via the Fairy Pools which is obviously a pretty popular location and one of the things that you do on Skye.

"We got there and thought ‘shall we get out of the car?’ because it was so windy but we had gone that far so we went up.

"It was really windy when we first got out the car but it wasn’t raining that much. But then it just kind of went a bit insane as we walked up.

"It just seemed like a funny video to send some friends at first. I definitely didn’t think it would end up getting all that love online.

"We went to Loch Ness straight after that for a swim actually and it genuinely did get sunny within about two or three hours.

"It’s been a really nice week, it was great to see so much of the Highlands."

He added: "VisitScotland did reply and said something like 'today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky'.

"A lot of the replies have been from Americans who say they love whisky so I think they’re doing their job well there, bringing whisky into the equation.

"There were a lot of Americans saying that’s why they like whisky and some people saying that it’s ‘taps aff’ weather for Glasgow and I shouldn’t have been wearing a coat at all."

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