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'Stay strong, Lebanon': Global support after Beirut explosion

Iran, Saudi Arabia, France, US and UK among nations offering assistance and paying tribute to the victims.

Emergency medical aid and pop-up field hospitals have been dispatched to Lebanon as the world offers its support and pays tribute to the victims of the huge explosion that devastated Beirut.

The explosion on Tuesday at the city’s port caused massive destruction and killed more than 100 people, heaping misery on a country already facing political and economic crises.

Emergency medical aid from Kuwait arrived in the Lebanese capital on Wednesday morning, as the Lebanese Red Cross said more than 4,000 people were being treated for injuries after the explosion sent glass shards and debris flying.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab has called on “friendly countries” to support the nation already reeling from its worst economic crisis in decades as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

Gulf states were among the first to respond, with Qatar announcing it would send field hospitals to ease pressure on Lebanon’s strained medical system.

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