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Four men now sentenced for injuring Arvada officer with a chlorine bomb.

Four men have now been sentenced in Jefferson County for throwing a chlorine bomb at a police officer who was injured in the incident.

Three of the four defendants in the case were sentenced Thursday, with one man being sentenced earlier, according to a district attorney’s office news release.

The Arvada police officer was injured around midnight April 6, 2019, when he attempted to clear a road hazard at West 72nd Avenue and Beech Street, the release said.

The defendants had “built” the hazard, with street signs pulled out of the ground, to make a target for their plastic bottle chlorine bombs. When the officer began removing the hazard, the men yelled obscenities and hurled the bomb, the release said.

The bottle hit the ground near the officer, releasing a cloud of chlorine gas. The officer coughed, became nauseous and lost consciousness, falling to the ground. He was taken to a local hospital.

The officer suffered serious heart damage and spent months going to medical appointments and missing work. He continues to suffer the effects of the chlorine gas.

The defendants, all 20, had detonated at least seven additional incendiary devices in the area, the release said.

Gavin Beret Dawson and Maxwell Cade McCann were sentenced to probation for two years, with 60 days in the jail’s Alternative Sentencing Program, which includes jail work release and in-home detention. Both men had pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree assault of a peace officer – toxic caustic device, a felony.

Braiden John Ulmer was sentenced to probation for two years, with 30 days in the jail’s Alternative Sentencing Program. He pleaded guilty to the same charge as Dawson and McCann.

Isaac Carl Koch was granted a two-year deferred judgement and sentence after pleading guilty on Dec. 9, 2019, to conspiracy to possess and explosive/incendiary device, a felony.

“These men set up an ambush for police. When the first Arvada officer arrived to clear away the road hazard, he was a fixed target for their toxic chemical bombs,” said DA Pete Weir, in the release. “These young men purchased the chemicals and plastic bottles at Walmart, mixed the bombs and then set up their targets for ambush.”


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