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Coastguard fires at 8ft shark heading directly for crew in nail-biting footage

A US Coast Guard officer was forced to fire at a huge shark after spotting it heading directly for his crew who were taking a dip in the water.

Cutter Kimball’s crew were taking a well-earned break with a swim in the ocean having not seen land in weeks.

But the relaxed scenes soon turned into something out of a horror movie when a huge 8ft shark started making a beeline for the group.

Dramatic footage shows one of the officers still on board the ship taking decisive action.

He starts firing rounds off around the creature to ward it away from the crew. And it worked a treat, with the predator quickly scurrying away.

The incredible story was shared to US Coast Guard Cutter Kimball’s Facebook page.

In the extensive post, they explained they had purposely left an armed officer on the ship for “shark watch”.

“As if right out of a Hollywood movie, a 6-8 foot shark (no exaggeration) surfaced at the Rescue Door and was swimming toward 30-40 people in the water about 30 feet away,” the post read.

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  • “Everyone on the Flight Deck had a bird's eye view.

    “A review of video shot by a crew member reveals it was likely a Long-Fin Mako or Pelagic Thresher Shark – not something to mess with.”

    After each round of gunfire, the shark would swim away but would then return moments later.

    "It wasn't the panic of the 4th of July scene from JAWS, but once everyone realised what was happening, they moved with a purpose,” they added.

    "Everyone stayed focused and worked the problem. The small boat quickly looked like a vessel overloaded with SAR survivors. Others threw heaving lines to shipmates in the water and helped them aboard via the stern notch.

    "All hands are safe and accounted for. We even saved the inflatable unicorn!"

    The post added that the shark was seen swimming off with other predators afterwards and did not seem to be injured.

    It comes after a pair of divers in Australia came face-to-face with a fearsome great white shark.

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