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Emotional moment family are reunited with puppy after it was stolen from kennel

A family have been filmed reuniting with their beloved dog after it was stolen from a kennel.

Kaos, the 10-month-old American bulldog, was snatched from her kennel when owner Caitlin Richardson and her family left their Roseworth home in Stockton.

Home security camera installed both outside the gate and in the kennel captured two men breaking in and dragging Kaos into their car.

Caitlin and her partner Anth Tye, 31, put up a £3,000 reward in the hop for the dog's safe return and to their surprise, she was found on Sunday night.

Footage shared on social media shows Caitlin's three-year-old daughter, Lillie-Mae, running to greet the pooch in an emotional reunion.

She gives Kaos a big hug and says: "I found her!"

Caitlin struggles to hold back her tears as she witnesses the heartwarming moment.

She did not want to reveal how they came to find Kaos but said she "had no words" to describe the moment she was able to tell her daughter that she had been found.

Caitlin told Teesside Live : "The whole street was out, it was absolutely mental.

"All the kids were crying, we were crying, it was very emotional. We just couldn't believe it was her."

She believed Kaos was targeted because of her rare and distinctive white arrow marking on her chest and the devastating news has taken effect on the whole family.

"We have barely slept, our other dogs haven't eaten, and Lillie hasn't stopped talking about her all weekend," she explained.

"I had to tell her there was a chance that we wouldn't be getting her back and she was heartbroken.

"But when I told her she had been found she just screamed. She's only three but you could just see the relief in her little face, it was amazing.

"I'm never going to get round to say thank you to everyone who helped us. I've had thousands of messages from people all over the country.

"We are just so happy to be able to say she's home, where she belongs thanks to everyone's help. We are eternally grateful."

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