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Woman, 31, stung by scorpion hidden in bunch grapes bought from supermarket

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A woman was hospitalised after she was stung by a scorpion while opening a bunch of grapes from a supermarket.

Inga Tsyfarkina, 31, cares for handicapped children and had been given the grapes as a treat for the kids by a dad.

She opened the pack and immediately felt a sharp pain in her right hand which she thought was a bee or wasp sting.

Inga, from Kazan, Russia, said she then looked down at the fruit and was shocked to see a scorpion in among the grapes.

She said: "I felt a sharp prick in the finger on my right hand.

"At first I thought that I had been stung by a wasp or bee.

"Then I looked in the grapes and saw a scorpion."

Inga’s colleagues at the rehabilitation centre called an ambulance, but the paramedics did not at first believe she had been stung by a scorpion.

She was then rushed to hospital and kept in overnight as the "finger immediately became sore" and her "hand was numb".

Inga said: "There was acute pain and real fear.

"My finger immediately became very sore, and my hand was numb.

"They gave me anti-toxic therapy."

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Inga said the grapes originated from a supermarket called Pyaterochka, which has since destroyed the whole batch of fruit from Turkey.

She said: "It could have been much worse if one of the children had been stung."

Pictures of her finger, and the grapes, have now been posted by Inga to social media to warn others to double check their fruit.

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