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Randy Brits won’t stop romping and sunbathing naked in historic graveyard

Randy Brits just won’t stop romping in a historic church graveyard.

Couples have been using the 6th century church as a meeting spot to get frisky and sunbathe naked in broad daylight, locals say.

Residents close to the Greek Orthodox Church of St Andrew, Torquay, claim visitors keep carrying out "lewd acts" in the graveyard in front of family homes.

The church, the oldest in Torquay, has an idyllic hidden space within its award-winning garden.

The dedication of the church and a holy well on the site to St Perox indicates it was probably founded in the 6th century.

But outraged locals complained to Devon Live that people are now “openly having sex” in the sacred space.

A group, known as Friends of the Churchyard, claim randy Brits won’t stop using the space for indecent acts.

Margaret Forbes-Hamilton, founder and chairman of the group, said: “There has been a real acceleration of all the problems in the last fortnight.

"Part of the problem was that during lockdown they put them up at the Seascape Hotel in Tor Church Road and some of them are still there.

"Then during the hot weather some of them were stripped off naked – they didn't care who saw them – opposite a house with three young children and another with very elderly, vulnerable people.

“These area is not posh houses but it's a good neighbourhood with decent people and they should not have to see and hear this.

"This is an award-winning RHS green space. We clean it and pick up litter but it's exhausting battling against this sort of thing.

"I know things about drug taking that I shouldn't have to know about.

"A week ago I had to ring 999 twice and within one day three females and a male were arrested – but two days later I saw them again. They know me now and shout abuse at me. They are a small group but they are intimidating."

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Some locals have even reported seeing naked women sunbathing in the gardens.

Julie Birch lives with her young son overlooking the churchyard from her charming Victorian house in St Efrides Road.

She claimed: "There is one prostitute who isn't fussed who sees or hears her. I've heard her on numerous occasions.

"The other morning my son, who is only 11, woke me at 3am saying 'Mum they're fighting again'.

"There were four blokes and one woman. She just squatted down and had a wee in the middle of the road while we were watching.

"They are really intimidating. It's horrible."

And local councillor Nick Pentney said: “I have heard about acts of lewd behaviour in the churchyard.

"These are long-standing issues but it's clearly peaked in the last couple of weeks.”

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