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BBC Weather: ‘Intense’ thunderstorms clash with gales to chase off blistering Europe heat

BBC meteorologist Susan Powell warned viewers that the heatwave is set to continue across western Europe for Thursday’s weather. Some parts of Spain, France, the low countries and even Scandinavia will be the recipients of the heat. Temperatures are almost 10 degrees above average for the time of year.

Ms Powell said: “But things are changing with low pressure in the bay of Biscay starting to feed wetter weather into France.

“Heavy thundery rain will also stretch up across the UK.

“That will gradually start to ease off the heat.

“There’ll be some showers across the Alps too on Thursday.”

She continued: “Generally it will be quieter as we head further east.

“There’ll be sunshine for Greece and for Turkey.

“Quite a key northerly wind though coming down the Aegean on Thursday to bring gales.

“It could make some pretty choppy waters as well.”

The weather presenter added: “There’ll be sunshine though for the Balkans on Thursday.

“Northern Italy could see some heavy rain along with parts of Switzerland.

“I think our most intense downpours will be where we see this area of low pressure running into that hot air across the northwest of Europe.”

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Ms Powell said: “It stays pretty unsettled across the southern half of the UK and France.

“But increasingly then stretching into the low countries out that thundery rain for Friday.

“In terms of our temperatures, they do start to come back down closer to average values.

“But it’s more of a gradual sloping off rather than a rapid plunge as we see that wetter weather lingering across the northwest of Europe.

“Further east, staying pretty settled with more sunshine to come for Athens and Heraklion.”

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