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EU SPLIT: Merkel using COVID-19 fund to ‘sucker’ ally Macron in ‘clever plan’- shock claim

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As Angela Merkel’s time as German Chancellor finally draws to a close, fears have been sparked that she could have another “great flip-flop- in politics. Dr Alan Sked, Professor Emeritus of International History at the London School of Economics, spoke to Jonathan Saxty on BrexitWatch about the EU’s tough job of rebuilding post-coronavirus. Dr Sked claimed the billion euro recovery package was agreed on by member states to aid the bloc’s heavily hit economies was actually a “clever plan” by the German leader to “sucker” her own allies, including French President Emmanuel Macron.

He told viewers: “Merkel doesn’t really have any great achievements, and now she’s got two years to go at the most

“Who knows, she might decide suddenly to have another great flip-flop and become a true federalist.

“That would be a turnout for the books and I don’t think it would please all that many Germans, but it would please quite a lot.

“She’s actually much more popular among sector social democrats and greens than she’s ever been among two conservatives.”

Dr Sked continued: “Maybe the great pact between Macron and Merkel will actually go somewhere.

“But then again there are other people that see the whole construction fund, the post-COVID-19 reconstruction fund that’s causing so much controversy, some people see that as a clever plan by Merkel and the Germans to frustrate the federalists, to give them what looks like federalism but which obviously isn’t.

“They’re pretending this is a great Washingtonian moment, as it’s called, when it isn’t.

“It’s just a means of suckering poor Mr Macron and France and others of that like.”

The professor added: “Everything in Europe, Brexit and the future of Europe, everything is wonderfully unclear.

“Merkel’s got two years to go before she retires, she might want to go out in a high.

“She’s got no great record, she’s been there forever, but what has she actually done?”

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Dr Sked said: “She’s been stuck with the immigration problems, she’s created the AfD, the Alternative to Deutschland.

“Her party has come back up in the polls but it looked at one point that she’d destroyed it.

“Then she gave Germany huge extra energy costs by suddenly getting rid of all the nuclear industry.

“If you compare it with Kohl, to unify Germany he brought in the euro, the single currency.

“These were great achievements by Kohl, though he turned out to be a crook.”

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