Merkel slammed for ‘refusing to learn Brexit lesson’ as Germany backs Brussels power-grab

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Angela Merkel and the Brussels leadership have failed to learn anything from Brexit, according to a prominent MEP Gerolf Annemans. The right-wing Belgian MEP told the European Parliament that the German Chancellor will exploit her country’s position as president of the European Union to “accelerate” EU integration. He urged EU leaders to pay attention to Brexit, claiming that “the citizens of the EU” are overwhelming against “more Europe’.

A tweet accompanying footage of his speech read: “With Merkel’s presidency of the EU, European federalism will increase, no matter if the Brexit has taken place!”

Mr Annemans told MEPs: “Contrary to what we might have expected, the EU did not keep it down after Brexit.

“On the contrary, the accelerator pedal in favour of a unified European state has been engaged in many areas.

“According to the habits of the European Union, the happened without taking into account the feeling alive within the population.”

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He continued: “Mrs Merkel, you are accessing the presidency of the European Union which will be an opportunity, by happy coincidence to end your career in style.

“Be aware that among the citizens of the EU, there is a hostile view of a federalist union.

“These citizens are all the more worried now that you are going to put your power and your forces, as well as those of your country, in the battle to make this happen.

“They are also worried that you will push the union into debt.

“European citizens therefore view your accession to the presidency as a double threat.

“I wanted to take the opportunity to draw your attention to this.”

Mr Annemans is president of the European Parliament’s Identity and Democracy Group and represents Belgium’s Flemish Interest party.


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Earlier this month, the German Chancellor assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union, listing a coronavirus recovery fund and resolving Brexit as her top priorities.

Mrs Merkel stunned her EU colleagues last night after she stormed out of the European Union summit alongside French President Emmanuel Macron.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told the BBC that Mr Macron and Ms Merkel both walked out of a meeting with him “in a grumpy break-out”.

This morning, the two major European leaders have warned that they are willing to walk away again from the summit of EU leaders as they arrived on the third day of talks.

Emmanuel Macron has warned that failure to agree a deal would lead to a rise in anti-EU views.

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