SNP humiliated: Ian Blackford ridiculed in Commons backlash after he refuses to sit down

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The SNP’s Ian Blackford was called out for his “extremely rude” conduct in the House of Commons this week, after he defied a Speaker’s orders to sit down and stop talking. MPs responded to the outrageous refusal to sit down by shouting down the SNP’s Westminster leader, yelling “sit down”. When Ian Blackford refused to stop talking, he said: “Scotland’s voice will be heard.”

The shocking moment came when Mr Blackford intervened on his colleague Pete Wishart to raise concerns on the Government’s approach to devolution following Brexit.

He told the Commons: “Devolution has only been around for 20 years – and we are proud of our Parliament.

“But the Government is setting up an unelected body that will determine whether or not the acts of the Scottish Parliament are competent.”

However, his speech was far longer than MPs expected, prompting the deputy speaker to interrupt, shouting “order”.

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Dame Rosie Winterton called on Pete Wishart to resume his speech, telling Mr Blackford: “It’s quite a long intervention.”

However, Mr Blackford disobeyed the deputy speaker and continued speaking, saying: “So, Madam Deputy Speaker, this is the most crucial attack on devolution.

“It is right knowing what we do that we raise the issue properly.”

This prompted outrage from the Tory benches while Dame Rosie urged him to stop.

Mr Blackford responded: “I will say to the Deputy Speaker, that Scotland’s voice will be heard!”

Dame Rosie replied: “That was extremely rude, extremely rude, extremely rude.

“The honourable gentleman must resume his seat.”

Shouts of “sit down” could be heard from the Tory benches among other heckles.


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Mr Wishart said his SNP colleague was right to be “absolutely furious” about Westminster’s plans for Scotland.

He went on to warn MPs that Scotland “will become an independent nation in the next year”.

Mr Blackford has repeatedly railed this week against the UK Government’s post-Brexit plans to bring new powers to Scotland pose as the “biggest threat to devolution” since Holyrood was established.

And Mr Blackford said: “This Tory con trick is a botched attempt to disguise a blatant power grab on the Scottish Parliament, which could see Westminster block Scotland from taking action in devolved areas.

“People in Scotland will not be fooled. Despite the smoke and mirrors, none of the so-called new powers outlined by the Tory Government are new – all are already devolved.”

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