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BBC Weather: Scorching 30C temperatures return to boil Europe as thunderstorms disappear

BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas noted the fairly lively weather over recent days across parts of Europe. The presenter told viewers that there have been heavy showers and thunderstorms across France and the UK, for instance. Most of those heavy showers are now pushing their way eastwards on a cold front as we move through Sunday and into the new working week.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “There’ll be quieter conditions with higher pressure towards Iberia.

“So Spain and Portugal are looking mostly dry and its a similar picture into the southwest of France.

“We do keep the heavy downpours for the likes of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

“This will head down towards Romania and the Balkans as well.”

She continued: “There’ll also be some heavy showers into western Russia.

“But for much of Scandinavia, it’s going to be quite a warm picture.

“Temperatures across parts of Scandinavia are up in the high 20s, and even 30 degrees in one or two spots.

“There’ll be a lot of dry weather for Greece.”

The weather presenter added: “Into Turkey, there’ll be one or two light showers, particularly over the mountains in the north.

“Some heavy showers will be coming for Croatia into Italy as well.

“It is looking drier for the bulk of Spain and Portugal.”

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Ms Keith-Lucas told viewers: “As we cross the Pyrenees, we’re back into a slightly showery picture for parts of France.

“Low pressure will be sitting to the southwest of the UK so on Monday that’s bringing sunshine and heavy showers to the UK.

“30 degrees is likely in Oslo thought, another warm day to come across much of Scandinavia.

“Oslo will turn a little bit cooler but stays largely dry for much of the week ahead.

“In Paris, we’re tending to see a few of those lingering through the middle part of the week. They will ease towards the weekend.”

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