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Sweden coronavirus U-turn: Chief scientist admits too many people died in shock strategy

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Sweden’s chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell admitted the countries coronavirus strategy could have been improved to save more lives. During an interview on Swedish Radio on Wednesday, he said it was obvious their strategy had room for improvement and could have been better. When asked if too many people in Sweden had died he replied absolutely and insisted the country would have to consider in the future whether there was a way of preventing such a high death toll.

To the confusion of other world leaders, Sweden did not go into any form of lockdown during the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Tegnall later attempted to elaborate on what he meant by his comments during an interview with Euronews.

Mr Tegnall said: “It was an admission that we can always become better.

“I think anything else would be very surprising, to hear anybody say something else in this situation.

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“I am sure my colleagues and all over the world are saying the same thing.

“There are always aspects where we could handle this situation even better than we have today, now that we have learned more and more things.

“It doesn’t mean that the basic strategy in Sweden has changed.”

Mr Tegnall insisted the Swedish Government was still happy with their choices in battling coronavirus.

He continued: “We are still very happy with the basic strategy, it works well.

“We have a low level of spreading in society.

“We have an unfortunately high death toll but we are working on that and we see that is diminishing rather quickly.”

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In the week to 2 June, Sweden had the highed coronavirus death rate per million people.

Mr Tegnell also suggested what kind of changes the Swedish Government may have made to prevent this high death rate.

He said: “If we were to encounter the same disease again knowing exactly what we know about it today, I think we would settle on doing something in between what Sweden did and what the rest of the world has done.

“It would be good to know exactly what to shut down to curb the spread of infection better.”

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