Lockdown poll result: Cummings ‘should not be sacked’ as Labour mocked for ‘faux outrage’

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More than 20,000 people voted in the Express.co.uk survey, with the majority saying Boris Johnson should not fire his top adviser over his controversial actions. The Prime Minister has resisted growing calls to dismiss Mr Cummings for making the 260 mile journey, giving him his “full support”. Mr Cummings has defended his trip up north in late March with his young son, saying: “I behaved reasonably and legally.”

When asked, “Should Dominic Cummings resign after allegedly breaking lockdown rules?” 57 percent (11,495) of respondents in Express.co.uk’s poll said no.

Forty-two percent (8,597) said the No10 advisers should be forced to step down while only one percent (207) said they didn’t know.

A total of 20,299 people took part in the poll between 10.50am on Saturday and 7am on Sunday.

One reader accused Left-wing politicians of displaying “faux outrage” over Mr Cummings’ behaviour, as Labour demands an inquiry.

The reader said: “This man is a visionary with a clear mind intent on delivering much-needed change in the country.

“His worth to the UK far exceeds the faux outrage of a small group of misguided lefties.”

Another reader questioned: “Would the opposition be as vocal if he was a Remainer?”

And yet a third said instead of giving him the sack, Mr Cummings should simply be issued with a fine like other lockdown breakers.

They said: “If he did flout lockdown rules the penalty for everyone caught doing so is a fine.

“No member of the public has been asked to resign their jobs, simply to pay a fine.

“No reason why he should be treated any differently.

“If he doesn’t want to resign and Boris doesn’t feel such a minor offence merits it, why on earth should he?”

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But others said Mr Cummings should not have kept the public in the dark about his movements during lockdown.

One reader said he “should have told everyone what he was doing at the time instead of sneering at everyone now”.

They said the Brexit architect had ended up putting the Government “in a difficult position” during the pandemic and his actions were “taking focus away from the real fight on their hands”.

Another reader said if Mr Cummings is allowed to keep his job it would fare badly against all members of the Government.

They wrote: “He should stay in place as he will soon bring the whole house of cards down.”

Downing Street released a statement on Saturday defending Mr Cummings’ actions, saying he had travelled up north to be near family members in case emergency childcare was needed while he and his wife suffered COVID-19 symptoms.

Speaking to reporters outside his home, Mr Cummings said he would “obviously not” consider his position as No10’s top aide.

He then chided reporters for being wrong about the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum.

He said: “You guys are probably all about as right about that as you were about Brexit: do you remember how right you all were about that?”

A number of ministers have voiced support for Mr Cummings while opposition parties have expressed outrage.

Downing Street said Mr Cummings’ “actions were in line with coronavirus guidelines” and said the Guardian and the Mirror newspapers, which first reported the story, had made “false allegations”.

In another, later report, the Daily Mirror said Mr Cummings made a second trip from London during the lockdown and was spotted near Durham on April 19, days after returning to London from his first trip.

Mr Cummings denied this, describing the Mirror’s report as “totally false”, the Telegraph newspaper said late on Saturday.

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