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Coronavirus protection: Ingenious way Italian wine being used to help against COVID-19

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President of Emilia Wine Davide Frascari explained it was possible for wineries to contribute to the fight against coronavirus across Italy. Speaking to EuroNews, Mr Frascari explained the surplus of wine could be used to help make hand sanitiser.  The Italian winemaker explained many wineries have an abundance of unsold wine that can now be repurposed due to the lockdown across the country,

While walking in his winery Mr Frascari said: “Last year, this tank was empty by May.

“This year, it’s full already and that one is full too.

“Because of coronavirus, bars and restaurants were closed and now there’s an excess of stock”

Mr Frascari warned the wine industry is facing serious time constraints because of the approaching harvest season, suggesting repurposing the wine could help producers make way for the fresh grapes.

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He said: “Harvests are approaching and by mid-May, grapes are already visible.

“One option could be to cut them before they ripen, we call it green vintage.

“Alternatively, we could distil our wine stocks to make hand sanitising gel and help our country.”

Mazzarri distillery manager, Antonio Emaldi, explained repurposing the wine could help wineries across the country sell their stock more easily.

As he led a brief tour of his winery, Mr Emaldi said: “This plant can process 150,000 litres of ethyl alcohol per day.

“The law already allows us to make what is called emergency distilling of wine.

“The EU has also already authorised our Government to take action.

“This measure will be positive because it is going to make it easier for wine producers to sell their stock.


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“It will also help us, the distillers, to have enough raw material for the hand-gel production.”

Italy was one of the counties hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak that began earlier this year and forced the country into a stringent lockdown.

However, following the reduction of confirmed cases and deaths Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte began relaxing lockdown measures on May 4th.

Several shops, including hairdressers and beauticians, were able to reopen their doors on May 18, with restaurants and cafes expected to welcome customers back from May 25.

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