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Panic as China seals off Wuhan AGAIN – Journalist breaks cover to report terrifying scenes

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The claims, which have sparked fears of a second wave, come at the end of a week in which restrictions on movement were imposed in the city of Jilin, in the north-east of the country, where six new cases were likewise confirmed on Tuesday. Zhang Zhan, described by the Radio Free Asia website as a “Wuhan-based citizen journalist”, said the cases had all been confirmed in the city’s Sanmin residential compound, home to 5,000 people.

He added: “I went there to find out more about the situation, but it has been placed under quarantine.

“There are police outside on the street now guarding the place, and no vehicles are being allowed through.

“I asked a nearby resident how many people were taken away in ambulances, and he told me that 180 people were taken away for isolation.”

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Zhang said residents of the compound were not being allowed to return to their homes, with similar measures in place at the Sanyanqiao residential compound, also in Wuhan.

He added: “The barriers have been put back and the place is under lockdown.

“There is also an online announcement saying that delivery drivers aren’t being allowed to enter certain compounds.”

There are signs of a resurgence of the epidemic in Wuhan

Zhang Zhan

“There are signs of a resurgence of the epidemic in Wuhan.”

It was not immediately clear whether the six new cases referred to by Zhang were the ones confirmed on Sunday and Monday – an 89-year-old man, his wife and four others.

However, in an indication of impending disruption, a notice issued by a Wuhan-based logistics company has warned customers its courier service will be suspended from May 12 in eight districts of the city, including Dongxihu, Wuchang, Jiangxia, Jiang’an and Hongshan.

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A fresh COVID-19 testing programme is also underway targeting all of the city’s 11 million residents.

One resident told RFA: “The city government is implementing the testing order from the epidemic prevention center, and each administrative region will notify the neighborhood committees in the residential compounds when they need to organize nucleic acid testing.

“It is being carried out as a top priority political task.”

Another added: “Every district and neighborhood committee has to register residents’ IDs for blanket nucleid acid testing. The tests are free of charge.

“This is just to show the international community that China really has got the epidemic under control, like it said it had.”

Officially, China has 84,029 cases of COVID-19, with 4,637 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Centre – although there has been widespread scepticism, not least from US President Donald Trump, who has suggested the figure is likely to be significantly higher.

In Wuhan, the city’s prevention and control taskforce revised the official death toll by 1,290, from 2,579 to 3,869 – but resident Liu Pe’ien, whose father died of the disease, suggested the true total was much higher.

He told ITV: “The real number should be 10 times higher than the reported number.

“The death toll now is 2,500. The real number in Wuhan should be more than 20,000.”

Speaking about the situation in Jilin, which is close to China’s borders with North Korea and Russia, deputy mayor Gai Dongping said: “The current COVID-19 situation is quite complex and severe, and there is huge risk that the virus will spread further.

“In order to cut off the spread of the epidemic, we have decided to implement control measures in the urban area of Jilin.”

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