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Bank of England suspends media briefings ahead of policy announcements

LONDON (Reuters) – The Bank of England said on Friday it will stop holding behind-closed-door briefings for journalists ahead of its major policy announcements for the foreseeable future, given the coronavirus outbreak.

“In line with government guidelines, the Bank of England has decided that it will not hold media lock-ins for its major publications for the foreseeable future,” it said in a statement.

The BoE said a statement from the Financial Policy Committee due on Tuesday would be released via the “usual channels” and it confirmed that the minutes for the Monetary Policy Committee meeting will be published at 1200 GMT on Thursday.

“We will not release anything under embargo. We will review this decision as circumstances around COVID-19 evolve and will resume lock-ins when it is practically possible and safe to do so,” the BoE said.

(Reporting by Andy Bruce; editing by Stephen Addison)